The key to optimal learning capability.

Image Abacus
Students  learn how to perform all basic math using an imaginary abacus (or  mental calculation with abacus rules). By activating both sides of the brain, all students can achieve calculation speeds previously only achievable by math geniuses.

A matter of fact:  in December 2000, a first-year student and his 2 sisters broke 4 Guinness world records using this very same method of calculation….
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Speed Hearing Calculation
Speed hearing calculation is based on speed hearing methodology, pioneered in Japan 20 years ago. Studies performed at the University of Japan have shown that combining image abacus and speed hearing can improve 19 brain functions and improve IQ by 5% to 25 Get more info!

Brain Wave Patent Optimization
All classroom activities are based on our own research on brain wave correction and optimization (EEG). These classroom activities are supported by custom-developed computer-aided training programs. Benefits of brain wave training (BWT) include achieving “Super Learning State”, increasing memory power, and correcting Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)