Brainwave Pattern

Biofeedback: The “Little” Breakthrough In Learning 

Brain Wave Study
Our brain is an electrochemical organ. When working, different regions of the brain emit different frequencies called brain waves. After decades of measuring brain wave patterns of natural leaders, artists, scientists and creative minds of all walks of life, research has found that brain wave patterns are directly related to our behaviors, capabilities and performances.  The optimal pattern called “The Awakened Mind” was released in 1979 by British psycho physiologist and biophysicist C. Maxwell Cade.

Brain Wave Pattern of Peak Performance
Combines the following all at the same time: – the intuitive, emphasis radar of the deltawaves – the creative inspiration, personal insight, and spiritual awareness of theta waves – the bridging capacity of relaxed, detatched, awareness of Alpha waves – the external attention and ability to consciously process thought of Beta waves. This brainwave pattern can be found during “peak experience” or “peak performance”, regardless of the content or intention, in all forms of tasks requiring creativity and high performance. It is not “which” frequency, but “how the frequencies combine”, that determines our optimum states of consciousness. The “Ah-Ha” Wave Pattern
The “Ah-ha!” experience — where we suddenly “get it,” gain an insight, or when a great idea suddenly comes to us — produces a brain wave pattern very similar to the “awakened mind” pattern. This pattern is characterized by the bursts of beta and alpha waves.

When an “ah-ha” experience occurs, an association has been created between the problem requiring resolution and the mass of unconscious learning that is available to the subject.  It is possible to train the brain to generate the “ah-ha” pattern. 

The Super Learning State
The super learning state, which shares some characteristics with peak performance brain wave pattern, occurs when alpha and thetaa waves dominate. However, in the super learning state the beta wave is reduced.  The result is a unique state where the brain can accept a much larger volume of information than is normally possible.  This occurs because the normal conscious filter of the mind is by-passed; instead, the knowledge is absorbed directly and in an unfiltered state.

Image Abacus and Brain Wave Pattern
The goal of the image abacus training system is to provide the student with control over these brain wave patterns.  This control will allow the student to access the desirable brain wave pattern for the learning which is required.  Employing the core “speed hearing” technique and progressing through a carefully designed series of graduated calculation exercises, the student is trained to achieve the optimal state of mind for the task at hand.


The ABS Method
The power of the image abacus system consists of its manipulation of three key variables:  difficulty of the task, task duration, and the speed at which the task must be accomplished.  Manipulation of these variables requires sophisticated technology as does measurement of the student’s response.  Abacus Brain Study (ABS) is one of the very few institutions in the world, and unique in North America, that provides the equipment, training program and instructional support to guide your child through this system.  The outcome is that one goes far beyond the ability to perform fast calculations.  The lasting effect is the student’s acquisition of a tool that will support all future learning experiences.