Speed Hearing

Unlocking the potential of your child 

Advance Technologies
Studies have shown that reading and listening programs using advanced computer-based technology can stimulate brain cell development and enhance 19 brain functions, improving the basis point of one’s IQ by 5% to 25%Speed Hearing
Speed hearing research started in the US army in around 1956. Applying speed hearing as a training for executives was pioneered by the Japanese in the late 70’s. Today, more then 700,000 people has been trained with speed hearing. 

Our mind can be trained by employing the principle of overwhelm ingness. Neurologically, this is called “use dependent plasticity”. The most common experience for us is highway driving. After driving at highway speed for a while (say an hour or two) we will find that it is almost hard to drive at city speed. It is because once our brain become accustomed to having information coming at a fast pace, it is actually hard to slow down!

A Brain Exercise Like No Other
By combining Image Abacus and Speed Listening training, we have created a brain exercise like no other. The intensive comprehension and calculation required to complete the task, causes most of the actual information processing to be off-loaded to the right brain for faster processing. With regular training, students will gain unrestricted access to the right hemisphere of their brains. This is similar to when we learn how to ride a bike, we are instinctively were able to balance ourselves on it without having to think about it every time.

High Volume and Higher Speed Communication Between Brain Cells
As we all know, regular weight training will produce more dense muscles for our body. The same is true for our brain. Regular Speed Listening training produces a much denser synapses network (a neural pathway with much more connection points between cells), capable of a higher volume and speed of communication between brain cells. 

Putting It All Together
To make this training possible, we employ custom developed computer-aided training systems and speech synthesizers to accurately control the speed (words per minute), duration and level of difficulty of each exercise. These training programs were designed using our own “Brain Wave Optimization” EEG biofeedback research. The result is an achievable, progressive program that will benefit each and every one of our students. We guarantee that each student will show improvements in focus and concentration, faster and more intuitive thinking, better memory and of course, incredible or superior math capability.